We bumped into the Brimberry’s at the Circus.That was a fun treat! This is probably the last time we will attend this event.With all the animal rights activists, it seems that they have had their way.There were very few animals doing tricks.In fact, most were farm animals, instead of exotic animals.I was disappointed. The motorbikes, […]

Mavuno Market

It’s hard to believe that Mavuno Market is about to celebrate 6 years!I remember living in Seattle and pouring my heart into launching this organization.Oh how it enlivened my soul.The name.The logo.The website.Filling out paperwork to become a non-profit.Buying handmade product from all over the world. This organization tapped into who I am … and […]

5th Retreat

This year is our 2nd year hosting the Passion for Orphans retreat in Beaver Creek. The Charter is the perfect destination. After 2 years at the YMCA in Estes and 1 year at Aloft in Broomfield,  it’s nice to find a place that works … and is perfect in almost every way! This year, CC […]


This precious boy is twelve. Being an even year, he wanted a party.Chance and Brock Wycoff and Micah Hemness were the boys he wanted to take to Buchanan Rec Center to climb the rock wall and swim.So, Tuesday the 20th was the party! He also invited the Hemness girls, Jocelyn and Bella for Liberty and […]

Run Toward Chaos

On Sunday, Pastor Jim said this phrase in the context of praying for those who died on 9/11.He mentioned the first responders and said they“RanToward Chaos” In a culture where people demand their rights, and pleasures abound, very few being withheld, we enjoy every luxury imaginable, from homes to cars to vacations. Run toward chaos. What […]


Shiloh swam on the Rec Center swim team this summer.She loved it.And she’s really good at it too! The Hurricanes are a competitive, local USA swim team. It’s been quite a challenge trying to help Shiloh figure out what it is she enjoys doing.She’s still taking piano lessons, and is quite good.Then there’s theatre.  She […]

Back to School

With Challenge B Equipping August 8th, and a CC start date of August 15th …this school year started far too early for my liking.I just wasn’t ready.As the Challenge B director, there’s more work on my plate this year.I’m excited about it, but overwhelmed and stressed.Only having 2 kids in class could be awkward.I’m praying […]


Steve is coaching Sawyer’s baseball team now.He’s playing on a rec league. Sawyer wasn’t so sure he wanted to play catcher, but Steve put him in the pads …and if I dare say, he made quite a cute catcher!I think he even enjoyed himself!

Husky Haven

Yes, we are now a dog family. Meet Dash and Dixie. Right after our Colorado Ultimate Road Trip …mom went with me to South Dakota to make the purchase of a lifetime. While this was a huge step for our family … the discussion is not new.In fact, we have been discussing this for over […]


When in Rome.Ouray is considered Colorado’s jeeping capital.Jeeps, Jeeps, everywhere.Monkey see.  Monkey do. Steve wanted to give it a go.So, we did. A one day jeep rental.Man was it fun.Six of us crammed into a small car.Thankfully the kids have little butts!Steve did all the driving.Up and over Ophir Pass to Telluride. Telluride is a […]