Christi Whitekettle

Look who came to visit us! Christi is still working in Rwanda with Azizi Life.She was up here in Evergreen visiting friends and came over for the day.It was so nice to see her and catch up! Although the face of Azizi has changed some, with Tom married, living in Kigali, and expecting baby #2, […]


After repeated suggestions to rename Passion for Orphans, I finally feel up for the task.Renaming and rebranding is no easy feat.P4O gets negative feedback on the name.So, it’s simply time. Then there’s Mavuno Market.As we are about to hand off the Donor Relations position, we will no longer have connection to Mavuno Village, so the […]

Mavuno Market

It’s hard to believe that Mavuno Market is about to celebrate 6 years!I remember living in Seattle and pouring my heart into launching this organization.Oh how it enlivened my soul.The name.The logo.The website.Filling out paperwork to become a non-profit.Buying handmade product from all over the world. This organization tapped into who I am … and […]

Sponsorship coordinators

Back in July, the Mavuno Market board met with the Mavuno Village folks.Dan and Bethany are in the States for Danae’s wedding.With the MCFM board moving from Bozeman to Denver, there are many changes.In August, we met with the Ulrichs and Tanners to assume the responsibility of sponsorship coordinators/ donor relations for Mavuno Village. For […]

Forge Espresso

We are super excited about a possible partnership with Forge Espresso …and a project that will directly benefit Mavuno Village. Project: Kijani (the Swahili word for green) is a key step in the sustainable future of Mavuno Village, a family style, agriculturally minded center for orphaned and vulnerable children.  Although located on the shores of Lake […]


Steve is home!After a 24 hour layover in Ethiopia due to a re-routing of his flight …and much grumpiness.  =(He got home on Tuesday afternoon.Although he was completely exhausted, he stayed awake long enough to show us video footage.Oh how it made me miss Tanzania. It was fun to see how much building they have […]


Steve is on his way to Ethiopia.A 12 hour flight .. followed by 2 more flights to get to Mwanza, Tanzania.This is my first Thanksgiving without him in 17 years!I’m sad he’s not here … but I’m so very thankful he gets to go!His trip is more than funded!Between he and David, they raised an […]

Craft Fair Season

It’s a busy time of year for our family.Nearly every weekend is a craft show for Mavuno Market. Castle RockLakewoodEvergreenBroomfieldCentennialArvada We’ve sold out of all the metal art, nativities, and most of the new ornaments.We still have 2 events and a couple of home parties. I love craft shows.I love talking about what we do.I […]

Vision and Values

Vision and values are critical to life and ministry.Without vision, a marriage or ministry is easily led off track.I can absolutely attest to this!There have been times when Steve and I have lost site of where we are going (vision)… only to find ourselves in significant conflict.Vision keeps us on the same path … moving […]


Vision.It’s absolutely critical.Sometimes, it seems that we lose our way.We don’t know where we are going … why … or how.It becomes necessary to re-evaluate.That’s where we are now. As a family, we are asking hard questions.We’re digging deep for the answers.What do we want to be about?  What do we value? Steve is thankful […]