As 2019 has drawn to a close and 2020 is now upon us, I thought it would be a good time to start blogging again!  Considering it’s been 3 years since I’ve written … here we go! I am thankful to have 2019 behind us.  It was a difficult year for many reasons, but the […]

Challenge B

We just finished week 12 of Foundations and week 13 of Challenge.I have no idea where the semester went!It’s been an absolute blur!I remember the anxiousness I felt in July, knowing that I only had 2 students who would be in my class this year … Shiloh and Micah Hemness.I debated, right down to the […]

Foundations Tutor

I was so incredibly excited this summer when Steve went through tutor training at the CC 3-day practicum to be a sub for foundations.It’s such a gift when men are a part of a community.I have hoped that he might direct Foundations & Essentials, or even direct a Challenge program.I think he would be fantastic. […]

Back to School

With Challenge B Equipping August 8th, and a CC start date of August 15th …this school year started far too early for my liking.I just wasn’t ready.As the Challenge B director, there’s more work on my plate this year.I’m excited about it, but overwhelmed and stressed.Only having 2 kids in class could be awkward.I’m praying […]

Challenge B Director

Last night, I had my initial interview to be the Challenge B director up here in Evergreen.At this time, there is not a director … and we need a B program.Shiloh and Micah Hemness are the only 2 kids in need right now … but that could change. It’s been a tough journey deciding what […]

Bible Quiz

Awana has been quite different this year.The program at Aspen Ridge is not well led.Unfortunately, there really isn’t a Trek program.Instead, one couple has the kids over to their home twice a month for games and/or discussion. Some of the Trek and Journey kids wanted to participate in Bible Quiz.Shiloh signed up.They met once a […]


Regarding friends, this year hasn’t been easy for me.It was hard to leave Ridgeline, where I had a good community of friends.  Sadly, none of them have come up to see us.  When we hosted our open house last June, a small group came up.  I find that I just keep hoping that Barb, Coletta, […]

A short break

With Shiloh in Challenge A this year, our Christmas break was cut short.The schedule for A makes it so that the kids have to do 4 days of work before the community day.So, Shiloh needed to start her work on January 1st.Neither of us wanted to do so.Instead, we procrastinated until today.Tomorrow is our community […]

CC Evergreen

Today was painful.With pressure from our SM, Colleen Sprister, I thought we better visit Evergreen CC and consider changing communities and getting involved locally.Melissa is the Ch-A director up here, with 3 kids in her class, 1 being her own, I was a bit skeptical, but I wanted to see her tutor.Oh. my. goodness.It was […]

Parker CC

At last … I got approval to stay in Parker !!!!And there was much rejoicing. Colleen, the Support Manager over Parker, was not thrilled, but she allowed it.She made it clear that she didn’t like it and wanted me to go to Evergreen.But the way I see it, as a paying parent, the decision is […]