The Circle Maker

My mom has been reading this book by Mark Batterson.The Circle MakerPraying circles around your biggest dreams and greatest fears. I didn’t know what to think.Would it be another name-it-and-claim-it prayer book?No, quite the contrary! The legend of the Circle Maker.1st century BC.A devastating drought.Honi.With a six-foot staff in his hand, Hone began to turn […]

The Insanity of God

Following God in your darkest hour.Trusting Jesus when life seems hopeless.That is the message in Nik Ripken’s book. From Kentuckyto Kenyato Somalilandto Russiato Ukraineto Eastern Europeto China. Nik and Ruth Ripkin have seen things that many would never want to witness.They have been places that many would never dare to go. With deep conviction, they […]

Legalist or Conservative?

When we attended Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Mark Driscoll was our pastor and I still listen to him online.Mark is one of those pastors who is either deeply loved or seriously disliked.He has been called names and accused of being someone that he is not or holding a view that he does not.  He’s […]

A Star in the Jungle

This year, I have decided to read biographies and autobiographies.Janet and Geoff Benge have written a series of books called Christian Heroes: Then and Now.They tell the story of missionaries all over the world The first book I picked up was Rachel Saint.I’ve heard the story of Jim Elliot, and Nate Saint, Rachel’s brother.I had […]