I was in much need of a sounding board.
Steve has been meeting with a guy named Terry.
I just couldn’t bring myself to start over with someone I didn’t know.
I needed a friend who has known me for a long time,
who has seen the highs and lows,
who knows some of the struggles I have faced.
I thought of two people, Leeann Stutzman and Joni Balian.

When Frontier sent an email that flights to Bozeman were discounted, I jumped on it.
I flew out on Tuesday and came home late last night.

I loved being with Joni.
We literally sat and talked almost the entire time.
Joe, Lydia, and Kendra are the only 3 at home.
All the other Balians have gotten married, except Anna, who is at her DTS.

Joni is a great sounding board.
She listens well and doesn’t judge.
She offers input and encouragement and shares her experiences.
It’s such a gift to call her friend.

Home has been hard.
There’s been much conflict between Shiloh and Landon …
and me and each of them,
and Steve and me,
and Steve and them.
The Littles certainly play a role, but only a small one.
I wish I knew how to overcome my anger and frustration, and not be a part of the conflict.

I’d like to have Joni’s words stick with me for a long time.
I wish I could just wave a wand.
But I know nothing is that easy.