We just finished week 12 of Foundations and week 13 of Challenge.
I have no idea where the semester went!
It’s been an absolute blur!
I remember the anxiousness I felt in July, knowing that I only had 2 students who would be in my class this year … Shiloh and Micah Hemness.
I debated, right down to the last minute, whether or not I wanted to do all the work of directing for only 2 students.
I hoped that Stacy Bolton might come back or that a new family might join us.

Melissa Hemness ended up with 7 kids in Challenge A, after having 3 in A the year before.
Landon was thrilled to be in her class, especially since Chance would be in there.

In the end, I have truly enjoyed this class.
I’ve loved the learning.
I love knowing what Shiloh is learning, and staying one step ahead of her.
I love hearing their papers and their thoughts.
They are both diligent workers and excel regularly.
It’s a rare day that one of them shows up unprepared.

I have truly enjoyed directing B.
I’m not certain if I want to do it again next year … but part of me wants to, as I’ve already done all the hard work, so it’d be much easier next year.
Landon has communicated that he wants me to direct his class.
So, I might just have to do it for him.
I know I can’t direct Ch-1, as I can’t handle the extra work load of starting all over again with the learning.
It’s strange to be thinking about this now, as it’s only November, but contracts are typically signed in January for the following year.

I absolutely love CC.
The longer we are in it, the more I love it.
I couldn’t imagine homeschooling any other way.