Buying the Red Barn has been one of the greatest gifts … ever!
The most challenging part of it is working with my family.
It’s wonderful and hard all at once.
Mom runs the books, invoices, payroll, etc.
Dad answers phones, gives tours, and is the legal voice.

Our trip to California sent us into a tail spin.
Spending a week together created more stress and less togetherness.
When we got home, the conversation began …
and dad began accusing Steve of losing heart.
Then he said that if Steve’s heart is no longer in this business, he can “sell” his share back to me.
{i.e. write him out of the will}
That just hurts.

It was just about a month ago that I took myself off the email thread for the business.
I decided it was just too much to get the emails and not carry a heavy load.
I know I need to devote my time and energy to homeschooling.
But lately, Steve has decided that I need help.

So, the lines are blurred at home … who’s schooling?  Who’s running the business?
And the lines are blurred with my parents … who’s the boss?  Who’s responsible for running this business?

It’s been really hard lately.
Especially when my parents assume we have “lost vision”.
As we are caught up in a re-zone, it’s pretty hard to be moving forward with vision.
The vision is to facilitate weddings.
When we reach the end of wedding season, we want some time to just rest.
Rest does not mean a loss of vision.

I don’t know how to navigate through this disfunction of mixing family and work.