Foundations Tutor

I was so incredibly excited this summer when Steve went through tutor training at the CC 3-day practicum to be a sub for foundations.It’s such a gift when men are a part of a community.I have hoped that he might direct Foundations & Essentials, or even direct a Challenge program.I think he would be fantastic. […]


Legoland was by far a highlight for all of us.It was absolutely incredible!Star Wars. Rides. Cities. Famous landmarks and buildings. Other highlights were  going to the beach and visiting the Valaseks. All in all, it was a fun trip.


After a very long summer, filled with 50 weddings …with only a handful of days away …a long weekend in Steamboatand a week of camping in Colorado,I wanted to get away for a week. My thought had been to go somewhere with my family.Somewhere we could just hang out and enjoy each other.Somewhere that we […]


We bumped into the Brimberry’s at the Circus.That was a fun treat! This is probably the last time we will attend this event.With all the animal rights activists, it seems that they have had their way.There were very few animals doing tricks.In fact, most were farm animals, instead of exotic animals.I was disappointed. The motorbikes, […]

Mavuno Market

It’s hard to believe that Mavuno Market is about to celebrate 6 years!I remember living in Seattle and pouring my heart into launching this organization.Oh how it enlivened my soul.The name.The logo.The website.Filling out paperwork to become a non-profit.Buying handmade product from all over the world. This organization tapped into who I am … and […]