This precious boy is twelve.

Being an even year, he wanted a party.
Chance and Brock Wycoff and Micah Hemness were the boys he wanted to take to Buchanan Rec Center to climb the rock wall and swim.
So, Tuesday the 20th was the party!

He also invited the Hemness girls, Jocelyn and Bella for Liberty and Shiloh to each have a buddy.

He also wanted to go see the Rockies with his dad, and Sawyer.
That is happening today, on his birthday.

As a mom, this year was different.
We can’t have a cake party, as I have the Passion for Orphans retreat this weekend.
Because of the Rockies, I won’t even be with Landon on his birthday.
Sadly, he and Shiloh fight so much, he didn’t want her to go to the game, which meant I stayed home with the girls.
I had planned to take the family up to Beaver Creek early to enjoy a couple of nights together before the retreat, so the girls and I will go up today and enjoy one night, then the boys will come up tomorrow for one night.

Naturally, I wanted to make him a cake.
It wasn’t anything fancy, but I left a cake on the table!

Unfortunately, the presents I ordered for him on Amazon were delayed.
I ordered them on 9/11.  As of today, they haven’t even shipped.
Sadly, this year’s celebration is very telling of what life is like around the Stucky household.

Landon is growing up right before my eyes.
This year, he’s in Challenge A.
Honestly, I didn’t think he would be able to handle the work load, but he is doing exceptionally well.
In fact, he’s thriving.

He’s become quite a help around the property, setting up ceremony chairs and putting them away.
He helps Steve on the property when need arrises.
He takes care of the dogs and is strong enough to take them walking.
It’s been fun to watch him grow and mature.
I hope and pray that his heart will continue to stay soft before the Lord!
I want to see nothing more than for him to fall passionately in love with our Father and serve Him all of his days.

Happy birthday, Buddy!