On Sunday, Pastor Jim said this phrase in the context of praying for those who died on 9/11.
He mentioned the first responders and said they

In a culture where people demand their rights, and pleasures abound, very few being withheld, we enjoy every luxury imaginable, from homes to cars to vacations.

Run toward chaos.

What would that look like?
The first responders ran INTO a falling building to rescue anyone and everyone they could before they were crushed by the weight of the building.

In the 1800s, many missionaries set out toward China, India, and Africa to share the gospel, knowing they would likely never return home.  Many died of diseases while sharing the Good News.

Christ Himself ran toward chaos.
He became a man, humbled Himself, even to death on a cross.

Today, I suppose that many have chosen chaos just by the size of their families.
Others run toward chaos in their choice to adopt.
Still some choose missionary service.

Controlled Chaos is what many of us would choose.
If we can control it, then it doesn’t feel quite so insane.
A little bit of chaos, sure, but only in small, controlled doses.

What would it look like to run, full bore, into chaos?
If I were faced with the opportunity, would I run?
Would I choose to sit, in the ease and comfort of my home … watching the chaos from afar?
What chaos is God calling me to?

There are times that I think having 4 kids is enough chaos.
The days evaporate in the craziness, that is often beyond my control.
Is this the chaos to which God would call me or does He have something else in store?
I live a relative life of ease.
In fact, now that we are Evergreen, we are at peace, as we have found our place.
It’s because we are at peace that I am bracing myself for the chaos that lies just around the corner.
Maybe I am supposed to go looking for the chaos.
Maybe God will bring it right to my doorstep.

The question remains, when faced with a situation, will I