Shiloh swam on the Rec Center swim team this summer.
She loved it.
And she’s really good at it too!

The Hurricanes are a competitive, local USA swim team.

It’s been quite a challenge trying to help Shiloh figure out what it is she enjoys doing.
She’s still taking piano lessons, and is quite good.
Then there’s theatre.  She loved Sound of Music.
Evergreen Children’s Chorale is an option.

Everything is so darn expensive, that she has to choose one, and I will have to request a scholarship.
But I want her to do something she enjoys.

So, she tried out for the swim team and made it to Category 3 out of 5.
They practice 5, yes FIVE, days a week.
It’s way more of a commitment than we’ve ever made.
I’m not super thrilled about it, but I know it’s good for her.
She needs the exercise, and with her asthma, there’s little else she can do.

So, swim she will.
We may not get her there everyday, but we’ll do the best we can.
I’m just happy she’s found something she loves to do.