This year is our 2nd year hosting the Passion for Orphans retreat in Beaver Creek.
The Charter is the perfect destination.
After 2 years at the YMCA in Estes and 1 year at Aloft in Broomfield, 
it’s nice to find a place that works … and is perfect in almost every way!

This year, CC is on Monday instead of Thursday, so I thought it would be fun to spend 2 nights at the Charter as a family.
With Landon’s birthday on Wednesday, we would stay Wednesday and Thursday night …
then mom and Shawnie would join me on Friday for the retreat.
It just so turned out that there was a Rockies game on Wednesday.
So, Steve took the boys to the game … and I took the girls to Beaver Creek!

The weather was PERFECT on Thursday!
They had fun playing in the pool …

And we took a walk … to see all the leaves!

Then the boys came up to join us for a night before the retreat.
With Landon’s birthday nestled right in the middle of this busy weekend.
I took the kids out for calzones while Steve hung back at the hotel.
On Friday, they got to play in the pool before heading home.

48 ladies came up for the retreat.
Linny Saunders & Sophie Hartman were the main session speakers.
Andy Landers led worship and Paul Kakac came up one evening.

It was a great weekend..
.. besides Amanda Purvis, who was the emcee.
Unfortunately, it’s probably time to part ways from Amanda, Celina, and Jody.
They did not like Sophie and gave super negative feedback on her.
Their toxic attitudes are not something I want at the retreat anymore.

After 4 years and 5 retreats, this is still one of my favorite weekends of the year!
I’m excited to plan #6 with a new planning team.
Bethel and Erin are staying on and I’ve gained Susie Oertli and Melody Monberg.
Melanie Hutchinson is home from India now.  I love that she’s here.
I believe that she will be an integral part of the future ministry of P4O and MM.