5th Retreat

This year is our 2nd year hosting the Passion for Orphans retreat in Beaver Creek. The Charter is the perfect destination. After 2 years at the YMCA in Estes and 1 year at Aloft in Broomfield,  it’s nice to find a place that works … and is perfect in almost every way! This year, CC […]


This precious boy is twelve. Being an even year, he wanted a party.Chance and Brock Wycoff and Micah Hemness were the boys he wanted to take to Buchanan Rec Center to climb the rock wall and swim.So, Tuesday the 20th was the party! He also invited the Hemness girls, Jocelyn and Bella for Liberty and […]

Run Toward Chaos

On Sunday, Pastor Jim said this phrase in the context of praying for those who died on 9/11.He mentioned the first responders and said they“RanToward Chaos” In a culture where people demand their rights, and pleasures abound, very few being withheld, we enjoy every luxury imaginable, from homes to cars to vacations. Run toward chaos. What […]


Shiloh swam on the Rec Center swim team this summer.She loved it.And she’s really good at it too! The Hurricanes are a competitive, local USA swim team. It’s been quite a challenge trying to help Shiloh figure out what it is she enjoys doing.She’s still taking piano lessons, and is quite good.Then there’s theatre.  She […]