We are in Glenwood Springs!
Today, we will head for Ouray.

I planned a long road trip … down to 4 Corners and through Durango … up to Crested Butte …

But we opted to stay 3 nights in Glenwood and 3 nights in Ouray, then take day trips to smaller towns.  We found a nice camping spot (never mind our neighbors) in New Castle, right by the river.

We came over on Saturday (the 30th).  Sunday, I thought we might hike Hanging Lake then go to Aspen.  It turns out that now Hanging Lake is a favorite hiking destination.  Discovering that we would have to wait 30-45 minutes just to get a parking spot … we made our way over to Aspen instead!

It’s just as I remember it.

The wild flowers were spectacular.
We spent most of our time at the city park.
Aspen is simply breathtaking.

The kids found an “island” to which they could wade and climb on the rocks.