With Challenge B Equipping August 8th, and a CC start date of August 15th …
this school year started far too early for my liking.
I just wasn’t ready.
As the Challenge B director, there’s more work on my plate this year.
I’m excited about it, but overwhelmed and stressed.
Only having 2 kids in class could be awkward.
I’m praying that it isn’t.  It sounds like Micah is studious.
I just hope he’s interactive when it comes to discussions!

Shiloh is in 8th grade – Challenge B.
Landon is in 7th grade – Challenge A.
Sawyer and Liberty are in Foundations.  He’s in 3rd grade and she in 1st.

Steve has offered to step in and help more and get more involved.
I’m not sure how that will play out.
Running a business is a full time job, but he thinks he can do both.
Time will tell.

Homeschooling is a gift.
I’m thankful to be able to be home with these dumplings, no matter how hard the days may be.

We are starting with a new community.
Transitioning to Evergreen will be good, as we started feeling out of place in Parker.
But change is never easy.
I expect it to take all year to build friendships.
I’m thankful for Melissa and Kiya.
Having 2 friends eases the stress of change just a bit.