This was our 2nd year celebrating the 4th in Georgetown.

Last year, we got there just in time for the fireworks show.  It rained, which had us sitting in the car much of the time … but it was fun.

This year, we decided to make a day of it.  It rained again.  A lot.
We got there about 11am for the parade (a silly little parade).
Then, we ate BBQ … and walked around Georgetown and all the shops.
We attempted to go on a walk up Guenella Pass, but Sawyer having to poop trashed that idea.
We headed back to Georgetown to find a potty.

Then, we went to the lake to stake out our spot.
We walked to the lake (a short walk) and got caught in a down pour.
Wet, we sat in the car for awhile.
Another walk to the bathroom by the lake … we bumped into some Awana families.

The show started at 9:15pm and lasted 30 minutes.
It was a fun day.
Georgetown is our new tradition.
Maybe next year … we can get a hike in as well!