Mountain Lions

On Friday night, we were watching family videos on the TV.Liberty had finished her dance class, and put on a little performance that I had taped.Shawnie came up for a sleep-over, so we were watching that … among other old videos. Landon was outside shooting hoops on the driveway.He just came in, sat down on […]

Hot Air Balloons Over Steamboat

I’ve been wanting to get to the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque.We just can’t seem to make it happen.So this year, we set out for Steamboat.A short 3 hour drive … 3 nights in the pop-up … 25 balloons … it was a grand time!We drove up on Thursday the 7th, getting there quite late.Friday, we […]


This was our 2nd year celebrating the 4th in Georgetown. Last year, we got there just in time for the fireworks show.  It rained, which had us sitting in the car much of the time … but it was fun. This year, we decided to make a day of it.  It rained again.  A lot.We […]