At last … the Den and Parlor are finished!
What a labor of love!

Here’s what the Den looked like when we bought the property.

John threw up framing last summer.  The plumbing was still being worked on in November.
The months passed by … and by … and by …

Until the first client used it on June 3rd!

The Parlor was used for the first time on Saturday, the 11th, by Caitlin Wells!
Here’s the before photo.

Framing in November …

After flooring and decorating.  I love this room.

With a long line-up of bookings, these rooms will get lots of use!

We allow the bride and groom to use these rooms on the day of their wedding.
A 3-hour or 6-hour booking gives them ample time to get ready before heading over to the Barn for their wedding.

We still don’t have all of our paperwork in for the re-zone application.
That could take another 6 months.
We hope that Victoria will continue to keep Evergreen Academy open, at least for a couple of years.
We are not ready to remodel the upper level.
Although … it will be super awesome when that entire building is the Double M Lodge!