I never thought I would coordinate a wedding.
But I am.
We decided to offer the Day-of-Coordinator as a way for Tammy to earn some extra cash.
At $625, it’s well worth it.
But, Tammy has been a bit afraid to step into this role … so I did!

My first go at it was last week.
Jordyn Poellot.  Her mom, Sherri, is a friend from Ridgeline.
Sherri wanted to hire a planner, but didn’t want to pay much.
She offered $400.
It was a very last minute thing … and she had lots of people helping.
So, I didn’t do much.
I helped with set-up, directed the ceremony, checked on the food table, collected some trash, and locked the Barn.

As the wedding fell on Father’s Day … and it was hot … the party ended early.
We took our $400 and went out to dinner to celebrate Steve.

Then, I had another one yesterday, June 26th.
The Maddock wedding.
It was a shot-gun wedding, with the planning time less than a month.
The MOB lives in Texas and was concerned that we wouldn’t get it all done.
She hired Spice of Life.  They took care of most of the details.
I simply helped a bit.  Truly, very little.
I did keep the schedule flowing.
I locked the Barn.

It’s a fun job – and easy work to earn a quick $1025.

I have one more scheduled for August 28th.
It’s a fun addition to our little business … and makes facilitating weddings even more fun for me.