As of Thursday, we have a teenager in the house!
This lovely girl is now 13.
Saying that she is excited is a gross understatement!

Since our big celebration was in May, this week was a more intimate celebration.
On her birthday, she got to open a few presents … and choose her favorite dinner … Chinese salad.

Then today, we had a family brunch.  She chose waffles, then I made crepes too.
The Stucky’s even came up.
She was given more $$ – another $13 from both sets of grandparents, iTunes gift cards, a Barnes & Noble gift card, a purse, and a few clothes.  Without a doubt, she was lavished with love.

One more birthday present yet to come … I plan to make her a photo book from our trip.
In the back of the book, I’ve collected notes of encouragement for her from friends.
I hope it’s one of those birthdays that she will never forget!