We just finished another year of Awana …

with 2 in Sparks, 1 in T&T, and 1 in Trek.
Unfortunately, Aspen Ridge does not have a Trek and Journey program.
So, Shiloh was a volunteer in the Sparks room.
While she was ok with it, I struggled with the unwillingness of the church to offer a program.
The only program is on a Tuesday night (another night of the week).
That makes me grumpy.
I also found that Shiloh wasn’t quite as motivated to stay on top of the memory/ book work.
But … she did finish her book!  She’s a hard worker!
Awana also gave us a place to build some relationships.
Many of the CC moms also do Awana. 
I love Awana.  I plan to continue, despite the different program.