On Sunday, we set out for Williamsburg.
I had purchased the Passport to Purity CDs, so our driving time was spent listening to those, and discussing the content.  It was probably one of my favorite parts of the entire trip.

We got to Williamsburg much later than I expected.  Then, there was a graduation at William and Mary College which made getting to the heart of the historic part of town a challenge.  By the time we got there, it was closing in just under 2 hours.  Much to my disappointment, tickets were outrageous at $40 / adult and $20 / child.  It was free to walk through main street, but the tickets get you into most of the buildings to interact with the people in costume.  Shiloh didn’t seem super committed to going inside, so we just walked around for a bit.

Williamsburg is certainly a very quaint little town.
It has so much charm and character.

This big, fat bear stood in front of the store where we bought Shiloh a purity ring.
Even though we may not have toured Williamsburg, she got some fun souvenirs from there.