After our last big conflict, mom and dad encouraged Steve and I to go to a marriage retreat.
They didn’t just encourage us, they offered to pay for it … The Rock was hosting one mid-April, so we signed up.

The retreat was pretty good.  Having a weekend together, which might have been the first time in two years, was a gift.  We had time to walk around the shops in Estes and have dinner out.
The best part of the teaching was the last session when they encouraged us to work through our expectations.  They prepared a 3-page document with questions about expectations in every aspect of our marriage.  I really do hope that we can work through the questions, bit by bit.

It happened to be the same weekend that we had a blizzard coming.
although very little stuck in Estes Park, we had 3 feet waiting for us at home.
With mom and Shawnie at the house watching the kids, they were stuck.
Steve managed to snowplow a path wide enough to get their car out.
Ah – spring time in the Rockies!