Last night, I had my initial interview to be the Challenge B director up here in Evergreen.
At this time, there is not a director … and we need a B program.
Shiloh and Micah Hemness are the only 2 kids in need right now … but that could change.

It’s been a tough journey deciding what to do about CC this fall.
With all the change and turnover in Parker, I knew that I should not stay there.
While I love Andie, she will be directing Ch-1.
Sally is a gift … and I’d love to see Landon in her class, but I can’t drive that far just for that.

Our friends, the Boltons, were looking at going to Lakewood, but that community is completely full.
I tried, with all that I had, to get into that community, to no avail.

We then considered starting a community on the west side of C-470.
I asked God to confirm if that’s what we should do with … the Boltons & Voorhees joining with us and Foothills Bible Church saying yes to the use of their building.
All were no.  So, that was not what we were to do.

At the end of all, Evergreen still remained.
No other doors opened.
Nothing else became clear.

So, I reached out to Kara and Melissa.
I also decided to attend the yoga book club with the CC moms up here.
It was fun being in a room with 12 moms, 8 of whom are a part of CC.
It’s time that we establish relationships and community up here.

Our time in Parker was a gift, but it’s time to move on.
This time last year, I couldn’t fathom the thought of leaving Parker.
This year, I’m at peace.
And the kids are at peace.
That was important to me … that they be ok with the change.

Now, I’m praying about whether or not I should direct B.
It’s hard to lay a fleece that God could use to confirm if that would be His will for me.
I don’t want to get to Christmas and in my exhaustion, second guess my decision.

So, I’ve had my first interview on April 20th.
Then, I answered 3 questions … tell me about your Biblical worldview, faith journey, and homeschooling journey and emailed those to Beth yesterday.
Now, I wait.
There will be a second phone interview, then an application, with references, a background check, and lastly a full day of orientation – DLO – Director Licensing Orientation – which will be on May 21st.
If everything falls into place, I will go to director training at the 3-day practicum in Castle Rock June 1st – 3rd.

I want to make sure I don’t take on too much and burn myself out … but I do want to be in a place where I can best help Shiloh.  After often being one step behind her in A, it would be nice to be one step ahead of her in B.  I just don’t know how to hear from God on this one.  So, I wait, and pray, and hope He brings about a clear conformation.