Awana has been quite different this year.
The program at Aspen Ridge is not well led.
Unfortunately, there really isn’t a Trek program.
Instead, one couple has the kids over to their home twice a month for games and/or discussion.

Some of the Trek and Journey kids wanted to participate in Bible Quiz.
Shiloh signed up.
They met once a week for about 3 months.
They memorized the material, and practiced testing.

The actual Quiz was yesterday in Monument.
With check-in at 8:30am, Shiloh and I slept at mom and dad’s house so we didn’t have as far to drive.

The Quiz was unbelievable.
Multiple choice.
Speed questions.
Seven teams in Trek.
2-4 kids per team.
Shiloh and Daniel were on a team.
While they knew the material, they didn’t know it as well as the other teams.
I ended up being a score keeper.

While it was fun to watch and I was proud of Shiloh for all the work she put into it, I don’t think I would do it again unless Aspen Ridge has an organized Trek & Journey program.
The teams that won came from large churches with a strong program.
Without a program, it’s pretty hard to motivate kids to meet once a week, with only 4 participating, and build enough commodore to make it worthwhile.

Shiloh and I had a good time anyhow.
We joined the others for lunch afterward, then we shopped at Good Will, and I got her an ice cream cone.
Steve and I plan to reach out to the commander and see if we can’t start a program.
Time will tell.