It was a snowy and cold Easter.

Saturday night, we went to the Flatirons service.
It was a fantastic service.
Pastor Jim taught about being “unshaken” and fixing our eyes on Jesus.
It was really good!

Sunday morning, I asked Steve to visit a small Evergreen church with me.
I’ve been struggling with going to a mega church where we don’t have friends.
My thought … let’s attend a smaller church where we can build community.
So, we did.  The sanctuary was filled with grey hairs.  While his message was good, the pastor rarely looked up to make eye contact with his audience.
I left there with a renewed desire to stay right where we are.

I really enjoy Pastor Jim and Pastor Scott.
They are funny, bold, focused, unwavering, and committed to truth.
Repeatedly, the hope is that everyone who walks though the doors will “bump into Jesus” and “encounter Him.”
I love that they preach with conviction, and against mainstream thinking.

Worship, while it is loud, is led by a stageful of extremely talented musicians.
The songs are powerful.
I’m so thankful that we landed there.

After church on Sunday, the family came up for Easter dinner … and egg decorating and hunting.
It was a great weekend.