Regarding friends, this year hasn’t been easy for me.
It was hard to leave Ridgeline, where I had a good community of friends.  Sadly, none of them have come up to see us.  When we hosted our open house last June, a small group came up.  I find that I just keep hoping that Barb, Coletta, Nancy, and the VanDellens will come up, but they don’t.  People truly live with an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality.  It makes me sad.

Making friends in Evergreen hasn’t been easy either.
I chose to stay in Parker for CC, so I don’t have relationship with the CC moms up here.
Although, I’m getting to know Stacy Bolton.  We both attend Flatirons.  Our kids enjoy each other.  She and I get along quite well.  She’s a doll.  I expect that friendship to blossom.

The Awana program hasn’t produced many friends for me either.
That’s also been tough.  The families are hard to get to know and the leadership is lacking.

We love Flatirons.  So glad we found this church.
However, the mere size makes it difficult to build community.
We signed up to host a home group.  We only had 3 adults last week.  Hopefully more will come tonight.  Although small group may not be the place we form close friendships, it’s nice to meet people that go to the same church.

My Parker CC friendships are changing too.
Our first year in Parker, there were 9 families.
The Wilsons and Atkinsons moved out of state.
Erika ended up in a different community this year, so I rarely see her.
Charlene and I are distant friends, at best, and she often misses the community day.
Ashley got pregnant and doesn’t come to CC anymore.
Cynthia is planning to direct a community in Aurora, so she’s leaving Parker.
Andie and I aren’t as close as we once were.  I don’t know what’s going on there.
Jennifer Polimino and I have formed a closer friendship.  That’s been a treat.
Some of the newer families are sweet – Merinda, Marcie, Lisa Kempers and others.

Next year, Parker CC is changing again – with Andie moving up to direct B, Grace McHugh directing F/E, and Sally uncertain about whether or not she will direct A again.
I’ve had to start considering other options.  Stacy Bolton is going to Green Mountain next year.
We plan to visit that community on the 16th.  Will see if it might be a good fit for us.
They have good sized classes for A and B, but not enough openings for Foundations.

It’s been a difficult season, relationally speaking.  But I know that God will provide friends and community … all in time.  I just pray that He provides it sooner than later!