I must admit, Easter activities don’t appeal to me much.
I love Easter, the significance, the church service, and the Easter brunch.
I don’t particularly like decorating eggs or egg hunts.
But the kids love it … so I seek them out.

This year, I found one here in Marshdale.
But with snow in the forecast for today … after the blizzard that just passed through on Wednesday … I wasn’t looking forward to going outside for an egg hunt.

Then, I saw an email about an egg hunt at Buchanan Pool.
How cool is that?
So, we went last night.
The plastic eggs were floating in the shallow end of the pool.

After gathering them, the eggs were returned in exchange for candy.

Afterward, the kids played in the pool for about an hour.
While playing, Shiloh accidentally hit Sawyer in the face, knocking out his front tooth.
It fell into the pool, never to be found again.
Now, we have 2 toothless cuties!

It was by far the best Easter egg hunt yet!