Happy Easter

It was a snowy and cold Easter. Saturday night, we went to the Flatirons service.It was a fantastic service.Pastor Jim taught about being “unshaken” and fixing our eyes on Jesus.It was really good! Sunday morning, I asked Steve to visit a small Evergreen church with me.I’ve been struggling with going to a mega church where […]

Easter Years Gone By

I thought I’d take a walk down memory lane. 2010 was the first year the kids got matching clothes. Buying them clothes is one of my favorite parts about Easter. In 2011, the boys matched, but not the girls.  I didn’t get a good photo anyhow. In 2014, I was in India and took photos […]

Easter Egg Hunt

I must admit, Easter activities don’t appeal to me much.I love Easter, the significance, the church service, and the Easter brunch.I don’t particularly like decorating eggs or egg hunts.But the kids love it … so I seek them out. This year, I found one here in Marshdale.But with snow in the forecast for today … […]

Coffee Smile

Wayne Smith used to tell me how much he loved my coffee smile.That big, huge smile that would spread across my face when I had a cup of coffee in hand.It was a reflection of sheer joy.Like this one. And even this one. It seems that lately, I’ve lost that smile.I don’t know how to […]


I hate how much conflict has existed between Steve and myself.It just seems that we can’t agree on much these days.I don’t know how to get over the hurdle. I view disagreements very differently than he.The way I see it is that we are different, just plain different.I see life through a different lens than […]


Regarding friends, this year hasn’t been easy for me.It was hard to leave Ridgeline, where I had a good community of friends.  Sadly, none of them have come up to see us.  When we hosted our open house last June, a small group came up.  I find that I just keep hoping that Barb, Coletta, […]

Snow Mountain Ranch

In November, we bought a season pass to YMCA of the Rockies.Snow Mountain Ranch is in Frasier.Then, there’s the Estes Park location.Frasier is awesome as it has tubing, ice skating, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, plus all the indoor activities – basketball, roller skating, rock climbing, pool, ping pong, the craft center. With spring break this […]