Steve has predicted that the Broncos will lose this game
17 – 34.
But secretly, he’s hoping his Broncos win.
He might say Peyton is no good … but he wants to see him win … and retire peacefully.

This has been a strange football season for us.
We don’t have TV.
Steve doesn’t want to pay for TV, and for that I’m thankful.
Most of our married life, we have had much conflict over how much TV we watch.
When we first got married, the TV was on a lot.
Having grown up without TV, I was not used to having it on.
Steve, however, had a dad who watched TV all the time.

Over the years, Steve has scaled back on how much TV he watches.
But this year, we have no TV.
It’s strange.
No Sunday afternoon football games.
Instead, Steve watches it on NFL dot com the day after the game.

But today, we are at my parents house.
I couldn’t imagine not watching the game.
Watching it with my family is good too, as we can mute the commercials, and turn off the half-time show.  Good food.  Relaxing environment.
Steve is happy.

Final score …
24 – 10.
Aw yeah, Broncos !!!