So, I wrote a post on our Facebook wall.
“Is it socially ok to wish yourself a Happy Birthday? When you share a page, only one birthday gets listed.
…. So here’s wishing myself (Lisa) a very happy birthday.”

Steve took me out for an early birthday dinner at Outback on Friday.
Then yesterday was the Super Bowl.
So, we went to my parents house, where mom made cake and they gave me presents.
It was a good day.

Today, I was home all day, schooling.
Steve ended up working all day.
I made myself french toast with my new ceramic griddle.
Then I made a pot of soup and corn bread for dinner, as I didn’t feel like eating bean tostadas again. =)

Note to self: don’t feel guilty taking a day off to celebrate you.
It’s ok to do something different.
You deserve to be pampered.
Treat yourself right.