More Remodeling

Now that the Cottage is finished, we have turned our energy toward remodeling the school.We have been working on laying laminate flooring. Awhile back, we tore out the ceilings, including the florescent lights. We had canned lights installed. We have repainted most of the main room. Now, it’s floors. We started on January 23rd with […]

Happy Birthday to me

So, I wrote a post on our Facebook wall.“Is it socially ok to wish yourself a Happy Birthday? When you share a page, only one birthday gets listed.…. So here’s wishing myself (Lisa) a very happy birthday.”Steve took me out for an early birthday dinner at Outback on Friday.Then yesterday was the Super Bowl.So, we went […]

Super Bowl

Steve has predicted that the Broncos will lose this game17 – 34.But secretly, he’s hoping his Broncos win.He might say Peyton is no good … but he wants to see him win … and retire peacefully. This has been a strange football season for us.We don’t have TV.Steve doesn’t want to pay for TV, and […]