I am certain that 2015 went faster than other years.
The wedding business created more busyness, causing the days to simply evaporate.
So, I want to stop and reflect on all that has happened in the last 12 months.
It was a great year, with much change.

The year opened with us being in the thick of negotiations on the Evergreen property.
With those negotiations came much spiritual warfare.
We had some super hard things going on all around us …
cars breaking down
trailer being confiscated
fireplace installation issues

and with all of these issues, money was involved.
It was expensive to fix everything that was breaking around us.
But God was doing much behind the scenes, we just had to keep on trusting.
I was reading the Circle Maker at the time, so I just kept on praying
and hoping
and believing
that God was about to do something huge.

Here’s a small glimpse into 2015 in the Stucky home.

Liberty Cate turned 5.
Applying to banks to acquire a loan to buy Evergreen.

We celebrated birthdays.  Mom turned 60, I turned 44, Shawnie turned 43, on March 1st, Steve turned
We filled the days with Awana, CC, ice skating, and even climbing stairs at the incline.
We also took a couple trips to Evergreen to meet with Christina and the realtors to continue negotiations.

Other than Awana games, March was a quiet month.
Final negotiations, pushing out the closing date to get everything in order.

April was a super busy month.
April Fools Day – closing day !!!!!
Faces of History
Putting our Castle Rock house on the market
Memory Masters
End of the year party for CC
Not to mention starting the remodel of the Cottage

Sawyer turned 7
Choir concert
Mother’s Day
Packing & moving

Evergreen open house
Shiloh turned 12
Unpacking & the start of wedding season
Shiloh got her hair cut
Swim lessons & the skate park
Steve quit his job at MSI to work full time on the property

Fireworks in Georgetown
More weddings

We bought a pop-up camper
Road trip to Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska
… YWAM’s 30th, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Little House
We celebrated our 17th anniversary in Lakeside
Still more weddings

Start school – Shiloh started Challenge A!
Landon turned 11
Weddings, weddings, weddings
4th annual Passion for Orphans retreat in Beaver Creek

Harvest gatherings & Halloween
Still more weddings
Continued remodeling
First snow

Still more remodeling
Mavuno Market craft shows
CC kids craft show
Winter Park
Christmas tree cutting on our own property!
Lots of snow!
Thanksgiving with the Stuckys

Firewood gathering
Red Barn events
Christmas activities
More remodeling … and finishing the Cottage on December 24th
Our first white Christmas in Evergreen!