This weekend was the Mom Heart conference.
It’s always a fun time … hanging out with CC moms, eating out, and sleeping in a hotel.
I attended the conference 2 years ago.
Last year, I just stayed the night.
This year was their last year, so I decided to attend the conference again.

It was horribly disappointing!
Sally Clarkson is just not a good speaker.
Seriously, I felt like I was sitting in her living room as she showed me videos and old scrapbooks of her kids, while telling story after story of their childhood, and then bragging about their successes.
Not once did that woman open a Bible.
She rambled on and on and on.
She showed video after video.
She told story after story.
It was painful.

Dinner last night was fun.
But then I came down with a head cold, so I went to bed early.
Today, I stayed until after lunch then left, as I simply couldn’t take anymore.

So now, I’m at Starbucks blogging.
I should have spent all weekend doing this, it would have been far more enjoyable and productive.
I’m glad these conferences are over.

I can hardly wait until we finish remodeling the school into a lodge.
Then, we can start hosting our own retreats.
A winter getaway for homeschool moms to be encouraged, empowered, and exhorted to finish the year strong, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

And now it’s time to go home and get some cuddles from my sweet kiddos.