We have booked 50 weddings for 2016 !
When we closed on the property April 1st, it came with 32 weddings.
We managed to book 10 more and got it up to 43.

Our goal for 2016 is 60 weddings … and we are undoubtedly within reach of this goal.
We are so encouraged.
Despite the setbacks, God has provided the contacts.
Without increasing advertising, bookings are up.

This business will most certainly provide for us for years to come.
After getting our re-zone, and remodeling the school to the Double M Lodge, we will be bringing in so much profit we will all be able to get a paycheck.

I’m so very thankful for this property.
When Shawn was talking about profit-sharing, I jokingly told my family … “I’m so thankful that Richie did the sharing so that we can get the profit.” =)

I’m thankful that Steve has a life-long career.
I’m thankful he is his own boss.
I’m thankful that he can take a vacation when he chooses and he still gets paid.
I’m thankful for our beautiful house … and for the town of Evergreen we get to call home.
I’m thankful that after years of being displaced, struggling to figure out where we should be, what we should do, what Steve’s job would be … we are now settled.
This is it.
This is our life.
This is our future.
As long as we are on this earth, we have a place to call home.
And best of all, our kids have a home, and a future, if they choose to make this their own.
What a great legacy.