Yesterday, we had our meeting with Ted Sells, Christina’s lawyer.
The four of us met Ted at his office and we called Christina.
It’s hard to believe we have arrived at the place we have.

Bottom line, if we don’t sign the ridiculous liability release document that Ted drafted,
we cannot use the farm road.
Christina will have gates erected to keep guests away.

Then, there’s the meadow.
We now have to include a “cannot use” clause in our documents …
and ask brides to contact Christina directly, should they want to take photos in the meadow.
She wants to charge $100 for that “privilege”.

The Grandview Terrace is a whole different story.
The lease that we THOUGHT we signed would take us through 2016.
However, it conveniently got overlooked.
So, we are not under a lease agreement and Christina would like us to renegotiate.
She wants more money for every wedding, which we offered to pay, along with 50% of the dumpster bill during the summer months.

Just today, Christina emailed Steve with photos of trash on her property
… and evidence of a fire pit with beer cans.
She is asking us to clean it up!
And this is after we were told we could not have access to her property since we would not sign the liability release.

I am speechless.
Absolutely and utterly speechless!