September was filled with tours and bookings … and weddings.
With 35 weddings from May until early October …
and another 8 to go before year’s end, we were busy.

After giving hourly tours on Saturdays, sometimes a tour every hour on the hour for 6 hours …
Steve wised up and decided we should offer group tours.
So, now, we give 1-2 tours on Saturdays, and typically only 1 tour on Sundays.
It’s a huge relief.
Typically, 4-5 couples come to a tour, then we are done.
It’s super nice.

We are getting to know the caterers, have mastered setting up the barn and the ceremony chairs …
and have learned the ins-and-outs of building hosting and cleaning the barn.
We continue to make changes to pricing, how we host events, and even our cleaning policy.

We wrestle with whether or not we want to continue leasing the Professional Building from Christina … and hosting weddings at the Terrace.
Our relationship with Christina isn’t going well and we don’t know if it’s worth having a lease with her, as it creates more stress than anything else.

Running this business has been a high learning curve … but we are enjoying this new venture.