Probably one of the biggest mistakes we made was taking on a huge remodeling job right from the start … with 40 weddings staring us in the face.
We closed on the property, put our house on the market, moved to Evergreen, started running a business, AND started remodeling the Cottage and lower level of the school.
It has been a bit too much.

One of our biggest mistakes in it was hiring John Wingate to do the work.
He has proved to be a huge source of conflict among all of us.
The remodel has cots us far more than we expected
… both in time and money.

We had a groom who offered to lay the floors, in exchange for a price reduction on his wedding.
Then, he decided not to get married here.
The saga stories go on and on and on.

The school is really a mess and is moving sLowLy.
We have a groom who is trading light installation for his wedding.
He’s a great job and is working to get it done by the end of the year.

I think after we get all this finished … we’ll all welcome a long break from remodeling.
It’s simply been too much too fast.