Back in July, the Mavuno Market board met with the Mavuno Village folks.
Dan and Bethany are in the States for Danae’s wedding.
With the MCFM board moving from Bozeman to Denver, there are many changes.
In August, we met with the Ulrichs and Tanners to assume the responsibility of sponsorship coordinators/ donor relations for Mavuno Village.

For quite some time, I have felt strongly that our partnership with the Tanners should become more.
After having visited there in April 2012, I caught their vision and knew that we would work together moving forward.  Exactly how, I wasn’t sure.
After Steve’s visit in November 2014, he too caught the vision.
His excitement has driven us to the place that we agreed to assume this role.
I felt a bit hesitant, but Steve was adamant.

Our time with the Tanners in Bozeman was ok.  But at the time, Steve started wondering why they had not yet asked him to be on their board of directors.  He had made it clear that he wanted to be on their board if we were to take on this role.
It was in Bozeman that he began to take up an offense.
Now, 3 weeks after being designated this responsibility, Steve is seriously having second thoughts.
He’s upset and hurt that they still haven’t asked him to be on the board.

The email he sent this morning read,
I have spent much time considering my role with Mavuno.  Not being asked to be on the Board has left me feeling disappointed and a bit less motivated to get involved.  When Lisa and I agreed to take on this responsibility we envisioned involvement on the Board level.  Assuming the situation will remain as it is, I am left with two (although there may be other) conclusions:  1) you all would rather not have me – Steve Stucky – on the MCFM Board…for whatever reason(s)….The only thing that has been communicated to us is how busy we are… 
We appreciate your concern for us, with our move, starting a new business, marital conflict, etc..  We volunteered for this position with a high level of excitement about the opportunity to be more involved at MV.  With all the changes in our lives, it is true that we don’t need to add more and yet we will if we believe it is important.  It is also true that doing the donor relations work will consume a great deal of time while membership on the Board would involve a small amount of time.  Therefore, if our time and capacity to do the work is the main concern – and I share that concern – perhaps someone from the Parker contingent would be better suited to handle Donor Relations.  

In light of the fact that we do indeed want to help and the fact that i/we agreed to take on the donor relations, I will reluctantly do so.   One year from now, I and/or we will evaluate our level of involvement and determine whether or not we will continue. 

It has been hard to watch Steve struggle with this.
The highs and lows have been a bit too extreme for my liking.
I think Steve has a desire to help them and be involved, but his offense has gotten in the way.
I have tried to speak into this, but I fear that my words are unheard.
Meanwhile, we have made a commitment to help with his and must keep our commitment.
It might be that I end up being the one who makes the deposits, but I can’t just walk away after saying we would commit to this.
I thought we were on the same page, but I guess not.
I don’t know how to pass my vision and passion on to Steve.