Shiloh is in Challenge this year!
After 4 years in Foundations and Essentials, we have finally entered Challenge!
Deciding where to be in a CC community was not an easy choice.
After our move to Evergreen in May, I thought it would be best to be in a community close to home.  So, we enrolled in Evergreen.
Then, I was hit with the reality that I wasn’t ready to start all over.
Our move to Evergreen was enough of a change.
I didn’t want to leave my friends.
The Challenge programs were vastly different.
At the time, Parker had 8 kids enrolled, while Evergreen only had 1, maybe 3.
In Parker, Sally Avery, a dear friend, would be directing, which I knew would be awesome.
In Evergreen, Melissa Hemness, who is a super sweet gal, was directing, but I don’t know her.
So, through many tears and much emotion, I made the decision to stay in Parker.
On August 27th, while we were enjoying a day at Mount Rushmore, Challenge A had their first community, “seminar,” day.
We got home on the 31st and started school on the 1st.
Shiloh’s first day in Challenge was August 3rd.

Landon is in his 5th year of Foundations and 2nd year of Essentials.
If it were up to him, he would be in Challenge too!
But he’s not quite old enough … one more year.
Sawyer is in his 4th year of Foundations.  Next year, I will have him Memory Master.
Little Liberty is in her 3rd year of Foundations and will be our only child to go through it so many times!  She is ready for 1st grade … but her age will be prohibitive as she gets older, so she’s in Kindergarten again!