P4O # 4

This year was our 4th Passion for Orphans retreat. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was excited about our new location … Beaver Creek. The Charter. Peak weekend for fall colors. I knew I wanted Jody Landers and Lisa Qualls to come back.As it turned out, Rebecca Vahle also spoke.And we had 3 ladies […]


Yep.  He’s 11!Being an odd year, we had a simple celebration with our family.We had a cake party with the Himes and the Stuckys … even Matt and Adrian came.(they recently moved back to Denver, so we get to see them more!) Then, we took him to the Rockies game on Monday night.Baseball is his […]

Sponsorship coordinators

Back in July, the Mavuno Market board met with the Mavuno Village folks.Dan and Bethany are in the States for Danae’s wedding.With the MCFM board moving from Bozeman to Denver, there are many changes.In August, we met with the Ulrichs and Tanners to assume the responsibility of sponsorship coordinators/ donor relations for Mavuno Village. For […]

Back to School

Shiloh is in Challenge this year! After 4 years in Foundations and Essentials, we have finally entered Challenge! Deciding where to be in a CC community was not an easy choice. After our move to Evergreen in May, I thought it would be best to be in a community close to home.  So, we enrolled […]

Sky Stormers

As our trip drew to an end, we had just one more stop to make.Nebraska. AAA baseball.The Sky Stormers. Not only did I marry a baseball fan … but now my boys have followed suit.All three boys love baseball.They talk baseball, play baseball, watch baseball, even sleep baseball. It was a fun game, well worth […]

Mount Rushmore

What would South Dakota be without a stop at Mount Rushmore?I must say, Crazy Horse was more impressive.But it’s always fun to see Mount Rushmore. South Dakota is not only home to Mount Rushmore … but our next stop… Little House …….

Little House

Shiloh turned 12 in June. One of our gifts to her was a promised visit to Little House on the Prairie. A few years ago, a friend in the Springs had gone … so it’s been somewhere we’ve wanted to go ever since.  Shiloh loves the books, having read most of them at least once. […]

Crazy Horse

After taking Shawnie to the airport in Bozeman… and meeting with the Tanners… we set out for South Dakota.Mom suggested we go see Crazy Horse.I was a bit skeptical, but I’m so glad we did!It’s an amazing monument… and totally worth the stop!

Montana Friends

A highlight of any trip is seeing friends.We saw lots of old friends at the anniversary celebration. AND … we got to see the Stutzmans. … Mary Bissell and her family. And the Ketchums … having dinner at Mackenzie River Pizza.(bummed I didn’t get a photo) And Shawnie came with us for a few days, […]