Moving to Evergreen has been such a gift.
It’s incredibly beautiful.
We have a super nice house.
The kids absolutely love it.
The business is fun – and has the potential to be very successful.

With it has come the fine balance of learning to work with family
… both my husband … and my parents … and my sister.
It is truly a balance to keep our relationships healthy while building a professional relationship.
Steve is the CEO, head chief.
Mom is the accountant, bookkeeper, and more.
Dad is the legal advisor, building host, and servant.
Shawnie is Little Ms. Everything – helping with the kids, building hosting, and more.

We are learning how to work smarter, not harder.
The many jobs of answering phone calls, tours, booking weddings, overseeing the construction, building hosting events, and building/ grounds maintenance require much planning, organization, and a willingness to be flexible.
It hasn’t been easy.
But it is truly a gift.