Our move to Evergreen has been such a gift.
We love the house, the property, and the business.
There is so much potential and I know our family will thrive here for years to come.

BUT there’s been one big damper.
The Newkirks.

Christina, the younger sister, and the estate manager was great to work with through closing.
She did everything she could to help us get the paperwork in place.
She regularly invited us over when she was in town.
She and I became fast friends.

Victoria, the older sister, and director of Evergreen Academy, caused us significant headaches, even attempting to prevent closing.
She and I went head to head, and simply could not connect on any level.

John, the brother, well, he’s not worth mentioning.
He is one of those guys who says he will do something then does the opposite.
Like, “Sure, you can have that chainsaw,” then the next time we are in the garage, it’s gone.

Fast forward to today.
John is removed.

But Christina and Victoria have switched roles.

Victoria and I are getting along fine.
She finished her summer program and asked to continue with EA for another year.
We agreed on a monthly rate.
So, she is going to continue through the 2015-2016 school year.
She’s been pleasant.
She’s given the kids jobs, like pulling weeds.
She even invited them to join their Spanish class.

Christina, however, has become the thorn in my flesh!
It seems that at every turn, all she wants is more money.
She wants us to pay to use the farm road.
She wants brides to pay to take pictures in the meadow.
Even now, mom and dad will meet with her while we are on vacation to talk about the Terrace.
Certainly she will want more money for that too.

She has been a constant source of frustration.
I have tried to rise above her petty demands.
But those demands have been all consuming.
I just hope and pray that we can find resolution soon.