After moving to Evergreen, deciding where to be a part of CC has been a very difficult decision.
Back in December, I visited CC in Evergreen.  I didn’t like it as much as our community in Parker, but the moms were nice.  One mom, Melissa Hemmnes, has a son who is old enough for Challenge A and she ended up stepping up to direct.
Steve strongly felt that we needed to have our community be right here in Evergreen.
So, I transferred my paperwork from Parker to Evergreen about a month ago.

Now, the reality of life in Evergreen has set in, and all of the work and stress that has come with it.
While I love being here and I am struggling with all the changes.
Steve quit his job and is home full-time now.
The business is highly demanding.
We are constantly around people but have no friends.
My entire life has changed again and I’m just not ready to let go of my friends in Parker.
It’s only an hour away and is one day a week.

Unfortunately, in my indecision, the Ch-A class in Parker has filled up.
Sally has 8 kids already and they might not be able to take Shiloh.
While the policy is 8-12 kids per class, “best practice” is 8 kids.
So, I have to wait for approval for the higher-ups.

This has been a highly emotional process for me.
I have spent much time in tears, struggling through my decision.
I just can’t bear the thought of leaving the community that I have.
After 4 years with CC and 3 different communities, I finally feel at home.
I just not ready for that to change.