After working at home, shopping at Home Depot and Walmart
.. and hanging out at McDonalds,
we decided to head over to Georgetown to see the fireworks.

 We sat in the back of the car … and waited out the rain, hoping they wouldn’t cancel the show!

Thankfully, they didn’t … and it was an awesome show!!!
We had a fun time remembering some firework shows we have gone to …
like the time we were at the hot air balloon fiesta in 2008 and they started going off over our heads.
We made a mad dash to the car, with 2 crying kids!

There were a few years we watched them from our deck in Colorado Springs
.. and our patio in Albuquerque, as they were fired overhead from the AAA stadium.
And the time we were in Seattle in 2010, camping with our small group for the 4th…
the neighbors were shooting off fireworks over our head.
Sawyer and Liberty were crying uncontrollably.  
We thought about packing it up and heading home, but tufted it out.
After that experience, we went to Canada in 2011, to get away from fireworks!
In 2012, we watched them from the Rec Center parking lot, as they were shot off over Castle Rock.
Two years, we were in Granby Ranch … and the crowds kept us from staying to watch them.
Last year, we got rained out in Sedona.
This year beat them all!