1 1/2 years old

7 years old

This little guy is getting so big!
Birthdays are certainly harder for me than the kids.
I love to watch them grow and change …
but I wish they could stay little forever.

Sawyer is a spunky, sweet spirited boy.
He is a great student … reading like it’s nobody’s business.
He’s much like Shiloh.  He loves words.  He loves books.

He is still my cuddle bug.
He will come sit on my lap and give me kisses.
When he’s hurt, he wants Mommy.
He still loves his blankie.

He brings so much joy to our lives.

He wanted a dragon cake for his birthday.

And since it was an odd year, we just had a small family cake party.
It was the kids choir concert – Dinky Singers and Next Generation.

Then, we went to mom and dad’s to have
cake and ice cream
… and Sawyer’s lunch choice …
macaroni and cheese
and hot dogs.

Happy birthday, sweet boy!