Moving Day

Christina managed to move out of the house …just in time for us to move in today!Saturday, May 30th.Moving on a Saturday made it possible to get friends to help.Our Ridgeline friends came to our CR house.Ben & Judy McComb found some teenage boys to help unload in Evergreen. I’m super thankful we got to […]

Spiritual Warfare

While I couldn’t give a clear, concise theological statement on spiritual warfare…nor do I claim to have any understanding of how it works …I know it’s real, and it’s been a significant challenge. Ever since we’ve entered this journey to purchase Evergreen …both good and bad things have come our way.In a split moment, our […]


What would summer be without baseball? Yes, we are moving. No, I don’t have time for this. But my boys would be horribly disappointed if they couldn’t play ball. Landon is playing in the Castle Rock rec league. Rain … and lots of rain … has cancelled far more practices than I care to count. […]


It’s hard to believe that 2 people …who have been married for over 16 years …and have been through all we have …ministry … job change … 4 kids … 13 homes …and we can still fight as much as we do! Often times I wonder when it’s ok to express a differing opinion… without […]

Mother’s Day

We have been spending weekends in Evergreen.With the trailer full of our stuff, we’ve slowly been moving what we can.Since the house has been rented back to Christina,we have made the lower level of the school our home away from home. The kids love it.They can run and play … with far more space than […]


1 1/2 years old 7 years old This little guy is getting so big!Seven.Birthdays are certainly harder for me than the kids.I love to watch them grow and change …but I wish they could stay little forever. Sawyer is a spunky, sweet spirited boy.He is a great student … reading like it’s nobody’s business.He’s much […]