5 days.
27 showings.
3 offers.
1 contract.

We got asking price, minus closing costs of about $4,700.

We knew it would sell fast … but WOW!

One of the greatest gifts is that they want closing to be June 4th.
Christina is supposed to be out of our house May 31st.
So, we can move once!
I’m super thankful for that!

Just the other day, I told a friend …
this time, God has aligned every detail just right.
This whole process has been such a God thing.
He has orchestrated the finding of the property
to the negotiations
to the closings
to the sale of our home
to the closing date.

There have been many other occasions that has not proved true,
so I’m soaking in this moment.
It is a gift.

I will miss this house.
And I will really miss our church and Awana.
But I’m so excited about where we are going!