I have been consumed with getting our house market ready.
Steve wanted to clean up the back yard, so we hired Mo, from church, and we moved
rock and pea gravel and the brick “patio”.
Then, Steve wanted to paint the front of the house.
So, I bought paint and painted.

I packed boxes and cleaned and tidied and removed clutter and cleaned some more.
We had the carpets cleaned Wednesday afternoon.
Thursday, when the kids and I were at CC for week 24!
… photos were taken
… Troy put a sign in the yard
… by 9:40pm on Thursday, the listing was on the MLS

Friday morning, the kids and I planned to head to my parents for lunch and hang out for the day.
At 10:30am, Steve called to tell me there was a showing at 11:30am.
We managed to get it all done … and I was taking this photo as the realtor walked up!

Yesterday, we had 6 or 7 showings.
Today, we had another 5 or 6 showings.
Tomorrow, 2 are scheduled.

We will start accepting offers on Monday.
It’s a crazy market.