… NOT!
I could not believe the amount of paperwork and documents being shuffled around.
With the closing scheduled for 1pm,
we met mom at the bank at 12 to move money.
Then we hung out at their house … waiting … and emailing …
So, mom and I went to open a bank account for M@M.

Then we met Shawnie at Garcia’s.
We were supposed to be having a celebratory dinner in Evergreen.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t much celebrating going on.

This has been excruciatingly painful.
Lease agreements were being written and re-written yesterday.
Negotiations were still being made.

The challenges that have arisen have gone beyond the closing issues.
The kids got sick.
Steve’s car broke down.
It broke down again.
Then my car broke down.
Steve’s parents came home early, so we lost our storage unit.
Our house is supposed to be “market ready,” but it’s nowhere close.

The level of stress is realized … and growing.